Logistics #2 – Getting supplies while on the road

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Type 1 diabetes isn’t the kind of illness I can take a holiday from as it requires multiple injections of insulin every day. This means that I can’t skip my treatment for a few days in case I would fall short on supplies. Yet, counting on local pharmacies to refurnish my stock isn’t an option, since distribution of pharmaceutical products is problematic in most countries I am to cycle through. I hence need, as I explained it in my previous post about the temperature problematic, to organise my own supply chain along my route.

The Pharma Companies

To do so, my first step was to contact the pharmaceutical companies producing the insulin and the medical supplies to ask them if they would agree to support my project, by ensuring access to medical supplies in the different countries I would be cycling through. Bike with Diabetes did raise an interest among some of my interlocutors, and several Continue reading “Logistics #2 – Getting supplies while on the road”

Logistique #2 – L’approvisionnement pendant le voyage

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Le traitement du diabète de type 1 nécessite de multiples injections d’insuline par jour. Je ne peux donc pas mettre mon traitement entre parenthèse si, d’aventure, mes réserves d’insuline venaient à s’épuiser. Or, comme expliqué dans le premier article au sujet des températures, la distribution d’insuline pose problème sur une bonne partie de mon parcours. Les deux contraintes principales auxquelles je suis confronté sont donc la conservation de l’insuline et l’approvisionnement en matériel médical.

Sans garantie quant à la possibilité de pouvoir me fournir pendant le voyage, je dois assurer, avant mon départ, l’organisation d’une logistique qui me permettra de m’approvisionner en chemin.

Les compagnies pharmaceutiques

Afin d’atteindre cet objectif, ma première démarche a été de contacter les entreprises pharmaceutiques productrices d’insuline et de matériel médical afin d’obtenir leur aide. La singularité de Bike with Diabetes a suscité l’intérêt et Continue reading “Logistique #2 – L’approvisionnement pendant le voyage”

Logistique #1 – Température, ma douce ennemie

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Le défi

L’une des contraintes principales à laquelle je suis confronté en tant que diabétique de type 1 pour l’organisation de mon périple relève de la logistique nécessaire pour l’approvisionnement et la conservation de l’insuline. En effet, alors que la disponibilité en insuline est garantie 24h/24 et 7j/7 partout en Occident, trouver de l’insuline en Afrique se révèle être plus compliqué ! Continue reading “Logistique #1 – Température, ma douce ennemie”

The background story – Les origines du projet

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I left Brussels on my bicycle just over a month ago and after a technical stop in Barcelona I will soon reach Marseille to embark on a container ship sailing towards Alexandria, in Egypt. But what is the background story of Bike with Diabetes, you may wonder ? Here is an insight that will give you an idea on how this whole project started. For the ones who don’t know me yet, I should probably start by presenting myself !

My name is Arthur. I was born in Brussels in 1983 and I grew up in Rwanda between 1988 and 1993. During that period, I had the chance to travel with my parents and my brother to neighbouring countries, namely to ex-Zaïre (nowadays Democratic Republic of the Congo – DRC) and Tanzania. During those trips, before the GPS era, we would use the Michelin 746 map, which covered the southern half of Africa. The main towns and villages, roads and dirt roads were, for the most part, represented on the map. Signposts along the road, on the other hand, were more often than not missing and some dirt roads drawn on the map could sometimes have disappeared under the thriving vegetation. We often had to stop to look at the map and make sure we were heading in the right direction. It is during those moments that maps, spread on the hood of the car, started to make me dream of even bigger journeys than I was already experiencing. To me, all those roads led to Continue reading “The background story – Les origines du projet”

How to travel across Africa by Bicycle with T1Diabetes ?

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That’s it !
In a few days, I will get on my bike to travel across Africa. 20.000 km, 650 days, a sea to cross, a desert to cycle through, mountains to climb, one after the other. All in all, a whole continent to cycle from top to bottom !

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As you may imagine, this isn’t just a childhood dream coming true. It’s about Continue reading “How to travel across Africa by Bicycle with T1Diabetes ?”

Logistics #1 – Temperature, my sweet enemy

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One of the main challenges I will have to face during my journey as a type 1 diabetic is the logistics around the supply and conservation of insulin. Indeed, while insulin can be found 24/7 in nearly all pharmacies in the western world, finding insulin in Africa is another story.  Continue reading “Logistics #1 – Temperature, my sweet enemy”