How to travel across Africa by Bicycle with T1Diabetes ?

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That’s it !
In a few days, I will get on my bike to travel across Africa. 20.000 km, 650 days, a sea to cross, a desert to cycle through, mountains to climb, one after the other. All in all, a whole continent to cycle from top to bottom !

(English subtitles available)

As you may imagine, this isn’t just a childhood dream coming true. It’s about showing that it is possible, as a person with diabetes, to achieve things greater than yourself. It is also about raising awareness through interviews of patients, doctors and organisations about the difficulties people with diabetes have to face in Africa. It is about meeting with people and organisations which deserve more visibility and support.

To make this journey possible, I need your help !

I will leave Brussels on September the 30th 2017. By the time I reach Marseille in the south of France (about 4 weeks later), I will need to have raised 5.000€ to make it possible to continue the journey in Egypt, the Sudan and Ethiopia. If that amount is reached, I will hop on a container ship in the port of Marseille and jump off in Egypt where the African part of the journey will start.

If not, I’ll head back home and give away the collected funds to the Belgian Diabetes Association and T1International, an independent non-profit organisation advocating for diabetes care in Africa and globally. I would be pleased with both scenarios. Yet I firmly believe that Bike with Diabetes has something of its own to bring into the advocacy for a better healthcare !

There are two ways you can throw a coin in Bike with Diabetes’ direction:

1. By transferring the amount of your choice to the bank account of “Living with Diabetes ASBL” through a unique or monthly payment. Make sure to mention « Donation to Bike with Diabetes » in your bank transfer.

Living with Diabetes ASBL
Dreve des Weigelias 32
1170 Bruxelles
BE 84 3631 8451 5359
COMMUNICATION : Donation Bike with Diabetes

2. Through an online payment via PayPal through the “donate” button or by scanning the QR code below:

Paypal Donation QR Code

Sharing this post with your friends, colleagues and relatives would also be very helpful !

Last but not least, my departure will happen from Place Flagey in Brussels on September 30th at 10:30 am. Will you be there ?

For more info about Bike with Diabetes :

For more info about T1International :

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