Egypt #2 – Simon & Tanya

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After a few days spent in a hotel in downtown Cairo, I am invited by Christian and Aurore Pyre, two teachers, to stay in their house. I was put in contact with them through a former colleague of theirs. Besides meeting them, it gives me the opportunity to present Bike with Diabetes in front of a group of children… I’m not sure how that will turn out.

While leaving the hotel with my helmet on my head and struggling with all my gear to move to the Pyre family, a young woman comes up to me in a rush, asking me if I need help and if I’m a cyclist.

I had noticed her, her boyfriend and her mother a couple of days earlier in the lobby of the hotel. My first thought was that they seemed nice. Yet, I didn’t approach them as,… Well, wouldn’t it be awkward if I were to approach everyone who seems nice?

Startled by her question and thinking she was referring to the crazy traffic in Cairo, I answer I am indeed a cyclist, but not so much in Cairo. « Simon! » she calls, « he’s a cyclist too! ». I soon realise Simon and Tanya are also cycle tourers. They just flew in Cairo from Turkey where they arrived after cycling from Germany through the Balkans and Greece. It appears they are also on their way to South Africa! We discuss for a few minutes and exchange numbers and business cards to stay in contact. When flipping our cards, we are all surprised to notice that we have planned nearly the same itinerary! What are the odds to meet in this huge metropole?


Simon and Tanya’s goals are to cycle from Simon’s home town in Germany, to Tanya’s home town in South Africa. On their way, they climb rocks and raise funds for rhino conservation projects. You can follow them and read all about it on , on their Facebook page, and on Instagram. Be ready to be amazed!

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