Europe #5 – The Drowning

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The leaves turning yellow and a fresh wind tell me the season is shifting to autumn. I notice, as I inspect the garden of Roynac, a drowning bee in the swimming pool. It is floating on the surface of the water and is desperately trying to fly away. Her struggle results in what seems like a hopeless synchronised swimming. Fascinated by the beauty of it, I decide to pull out my phone to capture the moment. It might sound cruel like that, but my intention isn’t to let her drown. When I take her out of the water, I imagine that she will fly away. Yet, she stays in my hand, as if trying to catch her breath. After a couple of minutes, she fascinates me even more, as she starts a methodical drying ritual. The kind of ritual we all have when coming out of the shower. Some of us start by drying our hair, then arms and torso, others proceed in another sequence. This moment reminds me of the hours spent with bees with my friend Jules. And the hours spent observing ants and termites when I was a child. The video has nothing to do with cycling or diabetes. Just take it as a contemplation of the here and now.

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