How to travel across Africa by Bicycle with T1Diabetes ? – Comment traverser l’Afrique à vélo avec un diabète T1 ?

ENG – That’s it !
In a few days, I will get on my bike to travel across Africa. 20.000 km, 650 days, a sea to cross, a desert to cycle through, mountains to climb, one after the other. All in all, a whole continent to cycle from top to bottom !

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As you may imagine, this isn’t just a childhood dream coming true. It’s about Continue reading “How to travel across Africa by Bicycle with T1Diabetes ? – Comment traverser l’Afrique à vélo avec un diabète T1 ?”

3 weeks and 3 wheels – 3 semaines et 3 roues

ENG – It’s been a few weeks since I launched my crowdfunding campaign and a bit more than three weeks since I left Brussels. Since then, a lot has happened and it seems my call for support has been well received despite my lack of presence on social media. All in all, it is 1.180€ that were transferred to the bank account of the Belgian Diabetes Association as of Octobre 12th 2017. This is a considerable amount, yet I will need your help to spread the word on social media, your group of friends, colleagues and relatives to reach the target of 5.000€ and make it possible to reach the necessary amount to make Bike with Diabetes a reality in Egypt, the Sudan and Ethiopia !

But how has the cycling been so far, you may wonder ?
Well, the weather was a bit capricious and rainy the day of the departure, yet many of you were present at the feet of the elephant of place Flagey ! I’m not sure how to describe the event as it was the consecration of hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of research and planning. The dream was becoming a reality as I was leaving a well settled life to dive into another reality where the unknown waits at every next corner, however terrifying or thrilling this may sound.
My friend Ryan McKenna, the creator of the dynamic temperature map of Africa, cycled with me for three days before flying back to Ireland.

Since then, Continue reading “3 weeks and 3 wheels – 3 semaines et 3 roues”

A clear vision – Une vision claire

sigle cappelle_smallENG – Located in the heart of the Dansaert neighbourhood in Brussels, Cappelle Opticien decided to support Bike with Diabetes. The funny thing ? Read it on the Partners page.
FR – Situé au coeur du quartier Dansaert à Bruxelles, Cappelle Opticien a décidé de soutenir Bike with Diabetes. Le détail cocasse ? Vous le trouverez sur la page consacrée aux Partenaires.

ASPAC International sponsor of Bike with Diabetes


ENG – ASPAC International, a Brussels based company specialized in the supply of drinking water and the treatment of waste water decided to financially support Bike with Diabetes. By doing so, ASPAC significantly helps Bike with Diabetes to make a step forward towards the departure scheduled in September 2017.
ASPAC International is active in Central and East Africa, namely in Kenya which I will be cycling through during my journey.  A typical project designed and constructed by ASPAC includes Continue reading “ASPAC International sponsor of Bike with Diabetes”

Temperature, my sweet enemy

_3 Second

One of the main challenges I will have to face during my journey as a type 1 diabetic is the logistics around the supply and conservation of insulin. Indeed, while insulin can be found 24/7 in nearly all pharmacies in the western world, finding insulin in Africa is another story. Continue reading “Temperature, my sweet enemy”

Bike with Diabetes sponsored by Reuse – Bike with Diabetes sponsorisé par Reuse

ENG – REUSE TRADING and REUSE EXPEDITION both decided to sponsor Bike with Diabetes in two ways : logistically and financially.

Cycling around the Mediterranean not being an option because of the political unrest in the Near-East, options are scarce to reach Egypt. The easiest one would be to Continue reading “Bike with Diabetes sponsored by Reuse – Bike with Diabetes sponsorisé par Reuse”

Bike with Diabetes goes to Sea – Bike with Diabetes prend la mer


ENGLISH – Safety being one of my main priorities, some of you might wonder how on earth I’ll cycle from Brussels to Cape Town with Syria standing on my way to the African continent. So which are the alternatives to cycling the short slip of land along the Mediterranean that lays between Turkey and Lebanon ? Well, there aren’t that many, considering cycling around Syria would take way too much time !

The most obvious alternative would be to Continue reading “Bike with Diabetes goes to Sea – Bike with Diabetes prend la mer”