A clear vision – Une vision claire

sigle cappelle_smallENG – Located in the heart of the Dansaert neighbourhood in Brussels, Cappelle Opticien decided to support Bike with Diabetes. The funny thing ? Read it on the Partners page.
FR – Situé au coeur du quartier Dansaert à Bruxelles, Cappelle Opticien a décidé de soutenir Bike with Diabetes. Le détail cocasse ? Vous le trouverez sur la page consacrée aux Partenaires.

ASPAC International sponsor of Bike with Diabetes


ENG – ASPAC International, a Brussels based company specialized in the supply of drinking water and the treatment of waste water decided to financially support Bike with Diabetes. By doing so, ASPAC significantly helps Bike with Diabetes to make a step forward towards the departure scheduled in September 2017.
ASPAC International is active in Central and East Africa, namely in Kenya which I will be cycling through during my journey.  A typical project designed and constructed by ASPAC includes Continue reading “ASPAC International sponsor of Bike with Diabetes”

Bike with Diabetes sponsored by Reuse – Bike with Diabetes sponsorisé par Reuse

ENG – REUSE TRADING and REUSE EXPEDITION both decided to sponsor Bike with Diabetes in two ways : logistically and financially.

Cycling around the Mediterranean not being an option because of the political unrest in the Near-East, options are scarce to reach Egypt. The easiest one would be to Continue reading “Bike with Diabetes sponsored by Reuse – Bike with Diabetes sponsorisé par Reuse”

Bike with Diabetes goes to Sea – Bike with Diabetes prend la mer


ENGLISH – Safety being one of my main priorities, some of you might wonder how on earth I’ll cycle from Brussels to Cape Town with Syria standing on my way to the African continent. So which are the alternatives to cycling the short slip of land along the Mediterranean that lays between Turkey and Lebanon ? Well, there aren’t that many, considering cycling around Syria would take way too much time !

The most obvious alternative would be to Continue reading “Bike with Diabetes goes to Sea – Bike with Diabetes prend la mer”

BEA supports Bike with Diabetes ! – Bike with Diabetes soutenu par la BEA !

logo-belgo-ethiopianENG – The Belgo Ethiopian Association (BEA) which actively builds bridges between Belgium and Ethiopia since 1996 through the support of sustainable projects in Ethiopia as well as the organisation of social and cultural events in Belgium, once again, lays the foundation of a new bridge. The BEA will act as a go-between, helping Bike with Diabetes to meet with local organisations, doctors and representatives during the crossing of Ethiopia. The facilitation provided by the BEA will undoubtedly be of great value.

The Belgo Ethiopian Association celebrated its 20th anniversary at Bozar in 2016. Find out more about the BEA on its website or on its Facebook page and read more about the BEA’s motivations to support Bike with Diabetes on the Partners page.


FRANÇAIS – La Belgo Ethiopian Association (BEA) qui construit des ponts entre la Belgique et l’Éthiopie depuis 1996 en finançant des projets de développement durable en Éthiopie et en organisant des évènements sociaux et culturels en Belgique a décidé de poser les fondations d’un nouveau pont. En effet, la BEA facilitera les contacts entre le secteur associatif, les médecins et les mandataires locaux en Éthiopie et Bike with Diabetes lors de la traversée du pays. L’aide apportée par la BEA à Bike with Diabetes sera sans conteste d’une grande utilité à la réalisation du projet.

La Belgo Ethiopian Association a fêté son 20e anniversaire à Bozar en 2016. Découvrez les raisons qui motivent la BEA à soutenir Bike with Diabetes sur la page consacrée aux partenaires et trouvez plus d’informations sur la BEA sur son site internet ou sur sa page Facebook.

ABD first Partner of Bike with Diabetes – ABD, premier Partenaire de Bike with Diabetes

logo_ABDENG – Bike with Diabetes is pleased to announce the support of ABD (Association Belge du Diabète). ABD will play an important role in the project as it will provide help to Bike with Diabetes on different levels, ranging from communication to finance and a much-needed administrative support !

Find out more about the associations motivations to support the project.

FR – Bike with Diabetes a le plaisir de vous annoncer le soutien de l’ABD (Association Belge du Diabète). L’aide apportée par l’ABD se décline de différentes manières, allant du soutien administratif et financier en passant par une aide en terme de communication.
Découvrez les raisons qui ont motivé l’association à soutenir le projet.